About Me

     I live under the courage of the camera and the idea that the photograph reflects my spirit. Working towards a type of intimacy that encourages unbiased observation and reflection, I raise my camera to speak to the naked eye of the audience and express what I cannot; what the subject itself cannot.  To do this I must challenge myself to be extroverted with people, places, and things. I’m not afraid to share my fear of failure but I am reluctant to share my desire for success.

     My work consists of documenting the daily life of people with one camera: a 1957 Rolleiflex 2.8e. I use Ilford Hp5 plus film and have developed myself without educational development, from focus to print. My primary goal is to contribute to the Black and minority experience in Toledo, through documentation in areas affected by gentrification for good or bad. I also travel to different cities when I need to challenge myself. I’m compelled by the truth the camera provides when history needs visual representation. 




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