What am I no longer doing…

Looking for validation???

This challenge survives your failed and successful efforts by reinventing itself as "the next level". In the end you want some shit you did to please a crowd at least, IMO, that’s the goal but why is validation from the public so valuable?

Giving myself away for the sake of practice.

I'd love a muse whether male, female, or both, that was forever down with our own definition of life but I'm not in a position that allows for that type of development. So I discovered that I shouldn’t reach out to people w/o a since of immediacy. This-must-happen. Idk how to pull this off yet but I don’t want to continue my practice for free.

I guess what really hurts is the lack of street focused photography. That part of my life has all but dried up thanks to new responsibilities. While not angry at them, my work in Toledo is what kept me sane. And attempts at focused effort continue to fall apart. 

So really what am I no longer doing???

Being productive is what I feel the answer is. 

Being productive.

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