I’m having trouble finding you. 

This upcoming week I pick up where I left off: in the content filled New York City. My number one goal is finding myself. Finding discipline. Finding what I’ve missed when I first ventured out into the public with my camera. 

Find something. 

I’m not the sharpest photographer by any means. I acknowledge that much about myself however, I am doing a bit more than expected. 

Tbh, I’m not excited about it one bit. 

Mostly because of the job interference but I won’t touch on that again. When the weather breaks I fight hard, getting out at my scheduled time, changing clothes and going out into Toledo, Ohio for, something. My disconnect comes from the momentary feeling of success -straight-to-mundaneness, I live in. 

I’m not happy enough with this type of situation. 

The scary part of this life is that I don’t know spirit or completion. How can I claim to feel anything for any human being without the concept of those simple experiences. What am I really working towards?? 

Trying harder. 

This is all rambling right now but I feel sad, man. 

I hate when I’m sad because it’s endless until it isn’t.

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