Soul City Boxing: The energy is felt.

Monday, the 13th of March I was invited to capture some of the soul that exists in the inner city. But to be honest- I don’t know much about the place due to the amount of energy pushing its way through the door. It was more than I could catch and even an extra set of arms would only steady the kinetic slightly. Soul City Boxing Gym of Toledo, Ohio took me by surprise even with the insight I walked with. Insight… that’s a great word for defining the eyes of a civilian amongst athletes in training. Whether for sport or mental health and well being, what I saw was insightful. A room full of kids from toddler to teen, warming up to the sounds that define their culture. No pop radio on repeat. No judgement from adults, just support and team work. It was dope (af). 

In another room, a few coaches as well as students watch as a rotation of sparring ensues after a minute and thirty second countdown. Endurance and discipline. To us, that minute- thirty seconds is brief. To them, its 90 seconds that must become education for the mind and body.

I won’t go into much more discussion about what Soul City has to offer. My intention is that you see something promising in these images and gravitate towards a real world experience. I will mention that boxing isn’t the only focus: Financial training, mentoring, group discussions as well as Yoga are part of a vision encompassed by its leaders. Check out Soul City when you can… Peace

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