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  1. Black Market Fest 2016

    27 Aug 2016
    Black Market Fest was held this past August 13th, 2016 at The Farm.  What an experience. A part of a number of firsts for myself. I learned quite a bit from being “one of the acts”. How should I dive into this? Start with the negative, just to get that…

  2. Trump in a Glass house (where are my rocks?)

    28 Jul 2016
         I tried to be clever. Documenting with an unbiased eye. Weaving in and out of crowds colored with energy. Meeting new faces. Shaking a few hands. Cheering with punches thrown lively into the air. Standing in solidarity with Feminists, Gay Rights activist, Black Lives Matter protestors and Latinos that flat…

  3. Tool(s) of the Trade

    29 Jun 2016
    I’m not professional.  Not in the least bit. But I have guts and a wicked eye and a willingness to learn from a minimalist perspective. And a bit of internet digging. I’m a firm believer in testing another man’s tips and if they don’t work then I scrap it. I’ve…

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