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  1. Soul City Boxing: The energy is felt.

    18 Mar 2017
    Monday, the 13th of March I was invited to capture some of the soul that exists in the inner city. But to be honest- I don’t know much about the place due to the amount of energy pushing its way through the door. It was more than I could catch and even an extra…

  2. Black Market Fest 2016

    27 Aug 2016
    Black Market Fest was held this past August 13th, 2016 at The Farm.  What an experience. A part of a number of firsts for myself. I learned quite a bit from being “one of the acts”. How should I dive into this? Start with the negative, just to get that…

  3. Trump in a Glass house (where are my rocks?)

    28 Jul 2016
         I tried to be clever. Documenting with an unbiased eye. Weaving in and out of crowds colored with energy. Meeting new faces. Shaking a few hands. Cheering with punches thrown lively into the air. Standing in solidarity with Feminists, Gay Rights activist, Black Lives Matter protestors and Latinos that…

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