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  1. I’ve got your patch!

    29 Jun 2017
    Or rather the crew of two, over at Boonie Patch Company have what you need. They’re an Ohio based embroidered patch and enamel pin company that’s barely into its 2nd year of existence, and the success they’ve flirted with is getting physical.  Iron or sew (which they can do for you)  anywhere your soul desires,…

  2. Soul City Boxing: The energy is felt.

    18 Mar 2017
    Monday, the 13th of March I was invited to capture some of the soul that exists in the inner city. But to be honest- I don’t know much about the place due to the amount of energy pushing its way through the door. It was more than I could catch and even an extra…

  3. Black Market Fest 2016

    27 Aug 2016
    Black Market Fest was held this past August 13th, 2016 at The Farm.  What an experience. A part of a number of firsts for myself. I learned quite a bit from being “one of the acts”. How should I dive into this? Start with the negative, just to get that…

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