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  1. Black-n-White Chemical Bath.

    30 Oct 2017
    Str8 2 Business: Kodak HC-110Kodak Stopbath  KodaFix (Sometime Ilford Hypam if in a pinch)  Ilford WashAid  Kodak PhotoFlo        I’m a fan of black and white development. Not only does it help race relations but it also produces outstanding film negatives when a suitable process is adapted. While I won’t discuss…

  2. I snapped in Chicago.

    29 Oct 2017
         First, I’d like to explain how unreachable the idea of photographing people can be to quite a few folks. It’s not that problematic as distractions are a stones throw away in any part of the world but, the conversation can be awkward when you casually say ” I’m…

  3. I’ve got your patch!

    29 Jun 2017
    Or rather the crew of two, over at Boonie Patch Company have what you need. They’re an Ohio based embroidered patch and enamel pin company that’s barely into its 2nd year of existence, and the success they’ve flirted with is getting physical.  Iron or sew (which they can do for you)  anywhere your soul desires,…

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