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  1. Quick link…

    06 Feb 2018
    Here’s a link to check out on Toledo Public Library’s webpage. My contribution to their blog has “dirtykics” omitted because of branding but I’m not mad. Read it if you want to learn about a few photographers in either print or visual format.  Peace Just point the camera and shoot!

  2. New York, walking and cigarettes.

    29 Dec 2017
        I didn’t smoke once while out in New York but after 2.5 days of walking unknown lands, my feet felt like crushing a pack. The goal was to shoot a bunch of folk, like a crazy amount of bodies and  I kind of did that but not to the degree…

  3. Black-n-White Chemical Bath.

    30 Oct 2017
    Str8 2 Business: Kodak HC-110Kodak Stopbath  KodaFix (Sometime Ilford Hypam if in a pinch)  Ilford WashAid  Kodak PhotoFlo        I’m a fan of black and white development. Not only does it help race relations but it also produces outstanding film negatives when a suitable process is adapted. While I won’t discuss…

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