I’ve got your patch!

Or rather the crew of two, over at Boonie Patch Company have what you need. They’re an Ohio based embroidered patch and enamel pin company that’s barely into its 2nd year of existence, and the success they’ve flirted with is getting physical. 

Iron or sew (which they can do for you)  anywhere your soul desires, except on your soul. If you figure out a way to do that, please share with the public. Decorative souls might be the next big thing.

I met Greg and Natalie this past May while I was displaced by renovations at work. We talked about the hustle for success and individuality in a city where creatives are abundant and the work is similar. This conversation was unique and indicative of the spark I felt from them; They’ve observed, they’ve realized and they dare to be different. 

And it’s paying off. 

From the pages of Esquire’s Instagram you can find the cleverly captioned “Take A Spin” patch stamped on a denim jacket and dubbed Springstyle. Abercrombie and Fitch took notice and commissioned the creation of 500 pins for their 125th anniversary and if you need further proof of how dope they are, Joe Keery, who played Steve Harrington on Stranger Things sent a little love by showing off his newest pick up: A Boonie Patch hat!

If you want to get up with them in person, check out the MoPoP Festival in Detroit, July 29th and 30th. They’ll have a booth set up for the weekend. 

Now for some technical stuff that you can bypass unless you’re into film processing. 

For this shoot I went with Fuji Pro 400H. A color negative film known for its high resolution and color reproduction. My camera of choice was a Pentax K2 w/ Super Takumar 55mm and Super Multi Coated 35mm lenses. 

I stuck to one camera for forced adaptation as we had a crew of 10-ish who showed up for the shoot. A second body would’ve been a distraction while working with so many, although I was not the lone shooter, Shiloh from Akron was on hand as another set of eyes and style and our techniques worked perfectly. 

The film was developed with the Unicolor C-41 color negative kit and an Epson Perfection V550 was tasked with scanning. I shot 6 rolls and while the Epson can remove dust and debris, the wait time becomes punishing @ 30-45 minutes per 12 exposures @ 3200 dpi. Adobe Lightroom works as my go-to for minor contrast and cleanup tweaks when weighed with this much work. 

My overall impression was high and I’d like to continue using this color film  but at a lower ISO. I did hover around 320 ISO for most of the shoot but in a few areas due to the strength of the sun and the paint on the wall, a strong color shift occurred. Not really a bad thing and can be fixed in post but it was surprising to say the least. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the people I met that day. Shouts to everyone involved and long live Boonie Patch Company!



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