Black Market Fest 2016

Black Market Fest was held this past August 13th, 2016 at The Farm. 

What an experience. A part of a number of firsts for myself. I learned quite a bit from being “one of the acts”. How should I dive into this? Start with the negative, just to get that out the way.  (Np: J Dilla ” Let’s Take It Back” Inst) 

I dropped the ball on meeting people and adding more photographic pieces to my collection. In the clouded space I call a brain, I ran over and over and over the way I thought I should be in case someone wanted to learn about my presented work. The pressure to be articulate and storytelling was way more than I prepared for. I froze cold hard. Not even the bong hit made a difference.  Shit sucked. 

But I learned. I learned that being around like-minded folks can make a huge, glorified difference because they want to know. No judging over stumbled sentences or brain farts. They keep it peace and pass the experience onto a friend who they feel will dig you. It’s a support system that isn’t generational. At least in my opinion. While on the other side, I promoted and shared installations friends put together and sought no compensation for it. Just wanted to see them grow into something. I feel like that was the vibe of the night. Witnessing growth amongst the art community with a mix of freshmen and sophomores.  

I won’t hold you any longer because I’m super late on this post. Had to finish it before I moved on to more interests. 


(Images displayed below are what I had presented to the public)

Copyright © James Dickerson 
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