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  1. Toledo Pride 2019 (Parade side at least)

    26 Aug 2019
         This year marks the 10th anniversary of Toledo Pride, a celebration of the LGBTQ community in northwestern Ohio. This event, spread over 3 days, is an all encompassing event of what makes up the core of this community. I’ve attended as a spectator but not with my camera. With it in hand, I went from…

  2. The Rough Draft Diaries with Haley Taylor

    23 Jun 2019
    Click here for a brief interview I did for the Rough Draft Diaries podcast. Haley is an awesome host and you should subscribe to her future releases. Peace

  3. Mortal Man series

    23 Jun 2019
    I wanted to inform you of a publication due out later this year. It’s title Mortal Man and it’s author is a gentleman by the name of Aaron Paschal, a photographer from Dayton, Ohio. I chilled with him while enroute to Detroit one day. On a sunny Saturday afternoon we…

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